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Volunteer in Bwindi – Uganda

Volunteer with us in Bwindi Uganda and discover the impenetrable Mubwindi forest, home of the endangered Mountain gorillas, snow-capped mountains, dense forests, arid savannas and the great Lake Victoria. On top of its natural beauty, Uganda is home to some of the most welcoming people in Africa, the perfect place for you to volunteer abroad!

The rare gorillas in Uganda are in danger to become extinct. Support their protection by volunteering with us or for any gorilla conservation project. Are humanitarian projects your passion? There are plenty volunteer opportunities from the capital Kampala to remote villages. Many orphanages and schools need the help of experienced long-term volunteers for childcare and teaching efforts.

Whilst today Uganda is at peace, with a growing economy and population, decades of civil war left a legacy of poverty it is still working to overcome.

Family is central to the Ugandan culture and that goes for our staff and volunteers too – we look out for each other.

We’re urgently looking for people with a range of backgrounds including sports, health, education and business. If you think you could be part of the change we are creating, please do get in touch.

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