Water fundraiser

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We work toward this vision by implementing and advocating for safe and sustainably managed water, sanitation, and hygiene resources across Uganda, deploying the best available version of each resource and working collaboratively with local stakeholders to ensure they last.

The Allied Youth Academy –Bwindi Project exists to see Bwindi Uganda as a nplace liberated from the bondage of water-borne disease and poverty as communities leverage the transformative power of clean water to empower all people to live the lives they were created for.

Number 1 Solution

When water is falling from the sky, you might not need to drill into the ground.

A rainwater collection system consists of a 10,000-liter polyethylene tank that’s placed on a cement base and connected to a building’s metal roof through a gutter system. As rainwater is harvested, people can collect it from the nearby tap stand we install, and then purify it using the four hollow fiber membrane water filters we include with each of our rainwater collection systems.

IMPACT: Clean water for 5-10 Families

LIFESPAN: 20+ years

COST: $3,600 USD

All construction materials are sourced in Uganda and installed by our Ugandan crew. Our project cost is turn-key, meaning we’ll get the job done no matter what and never ask you for more.

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